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Two-axis quantum control of a fast valley qubit in silicon. HongWen Jiang

Anisotropy of spin relaxation and tunable spin-valley mixing in a silicon quantum dot. Xin Zhang

Large and tunable valley splitting in a 28Si/SiGe quantum dot. Tom Struck

Magnetic control of valley splitting in Si spin qubits. A. Hosseinkhani

High-volume valley splitting measurements in industrial Si/SiGe 2DEGs. B. Paquelet Wuetz 

Double Quantum Dots                      

Insights into spin-orbit coupling at the Si/SiO2 interface using an inter-valley hot spot singlet/triplet qubit. N. Tobias Jacobson

Spin decoherence in a single or double quantum dot. Peihao Huang

Spatial Noise Correlation in a Si/SiGe Two-Qubit Device from Bell State Coherences. Jelmer M. Boter

Coherent manipulation of multiple resonances in an undoped multi-electron Si/SiGe double dot qubit. J. Corrigan

High-fidelity resonant operation of a Si-based singlet-triplet qubit. K. Takeda

New Directions          

Silicon quantum processor unit cell operation above one Kelvin. C. H. Yang

Quantum sensing with a single erbium ion in silicon. Chunming Yin

Microwave characterisation of CMOS compatible co-planar waveguides made from confined Si:P delta-doped monolayers. G. Chapman

Ray-based state learning of double quantum dot systems. Justyna P. Zwolak

A silicon quantum-dot-coupled nuclear spin qubit. Wister Wei Huang

2 qubit gates

Entangling gates based on the Rydberg blockade releases constraints on single donor placement in silicon. E. Crane

A two-qubit gate between phosphorus donor electrons in silicon. Yu He

Nuclear CNOT gate with ion implanted Phosphorus donors in silicon. Mateusz T. Mądzik

Operation of a four-qubit device in isotopically enriched Si/SiGe. A. J. Sigillito


Single and double quantum dots in germanium hole gases. Daniel Jirovec

Electric dipole spin resonance of holes in Ge/Si nanowires. Floris R. Braakman

Strong Spin-Orbit Interaction of Holes in Ge/Si Nanowire Quantum Dots. F. N. M. Froning

Universal quantum logic with hole spins in germanium. N.W. Hendrickx

Understanding the electrical manipulation of hole spins in silicon. Benjamin Venitucci     


Quantum simulations with dopant-based arrays: a quantum lab on a chip. Garnett W. Bryant

Long spin coherence times for acceptors in strained silicon. T. Kobayashi

A New Single Ion Implantation FIB for the Manufacture of Quantum Technologies. N. Cassidy

Coherent electrical control of a high-spin nucleus in silicon. S. Asaad

Demonstration of spin read-out in atomic qubits in an all-epitaxial 3D transistor. M. Koch

Discussion panel on start-ups

Chad Edwards. Cambridge Quantum Computing

Jonatan Kutchinsky. QDevil

Stephen Menzies. Silicon Quantum Computing

Andrea Corna. Zurich Instruments.

Witold Kowalczyk. Zapata Computing.

STM Dopants 

Single/Few Atom and Single Electron Transistors for Quantum Technologies. Richard M. Silver

Atomic-scale patterning of arsenic in silicon. T.J.Z. Stock

Autonomous characterisation of atomic qubits in silicon by machine learning. Muhammad Usman

Machine Learning approach to the inverse problem in STM imaging of dopant-based quantum devices. P. T. Różański

QD Fabrication + CMOS

Ambipolar charge sensing in silicon quantum dots. António J. Sousa de Almeida

Split-gate-induced 2x2 array of single-electron dots in silicon-on-insulator. Fabio Ansaloni

Development of silicon spin qubit based back-end for QuTech’s quantum computer prototype. N. Samkharadze

High-quality Quantum Dots From a 300 mm Process: Cryogenic to Room Temperature Data Correlation. L. F. Lampert

Well-controlled quantum dot arrays made with all-optical 300mm lithography. Anne-Marije Zwerver


Ambipolar QDs in undoped Si CMOS fin field-effect transistors. Andreas V. Kuhlmann

Gate-based high fidelity readout in an array of silicon quantum dots. David Niegemann

Cointegration of a CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier with a Quantum-Dot Device. L. Le Guevel

A spin quintet in silicon. Theodor Lundberg

Scalable Cryogenic CMOS Electronics for Spin Qubit Control. P. Vliex


Quantum-limited measurement of spin qubits via curvature couplings to a cavity. R. Ruskov

Quantum non-demolition readout of an electron spin in a Si/SiGe quantum dot. J. Yoneda

Measuring a quantum dot spin using gate-based reflectometry and spin-dependent tunnelling. Virginia N. Ciriano-Tejel

Fast gate-based readout of silicon quantum dots using Josephson parametric amplifiers. S. Schaal


Landau-Zener interferometry of valley-orbit states in Si/SiGe quantum dots. Sigmund Kohler

Telecom spin-photon interfaces in silicon. K. J. Morse

Optimized single-qubit gates and cavity-mediated dispersive two-qubit gates between spin qubits. Mónica Benito

Resonant Microwave Mediated Interactions Between Distant Electron Spins. F. Borjans