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Monday, October 14th.

1. Readout of Silicon Spin Qubits Beyond the Singlet-Triplet Blockade.

A. Seedhouse, T. Tanttu, C. H. Yang, R. Zhao, K. Y. Tan, B. Hensen, F. E. Hudson, K. M. Itoh, S.
N. Coppersmith, A. Saraiva, and A. Dzurak

2. Spin-orbit coupling in planar germanium quantum dots  

A. Tosato, N.W. Hendrickx , A. Sammak, M. Veldhorst, G. Scappucci

3. Modeling the electronic structure and dynamics of semiconductor quantum devices

A.D. Baczewski, M.I. Brickson, Q. Campbell, N.T. Jacobson, L.N. Maurer, W.M. Witzel, S. Misra, D.R. Luhman

4. Coherent electric dipole spin resonance manipulation of three individual spins in a Si/SiGe triple quantum dot

A. Noiri, K. Takeda, T. Nakajima, J. Yoneda, T. Kobayashi, S. Li, S. Tarucha

5. A spin qubit in 28Si/SiGe with 60 ppm 29Si  

A. Schmidbauer, T. Struck, A. Hollmann, F. Schauer, C. Peiffer, V. Langrock, H. Riemann, N. Abrosimov, L. Schreiber, and Dominique Bougeard

6. Surface gated quantum dots for characterizing isotopically enriched 28Si

A. N. Ramanayaka, Ke Tang, Ryan Stein, Hyun-Soo Kim, M. D. Stewart, Jr., J. M. Pomeroy

7. Giant non-linear susceptibility of silicon doped with shallow donors       

Ben Murdin, Nguyen Le

8. Donor-based quantum simulators in silicon        

B.Voisin, G. Buchs, D. St Médar, J. Salfi, A. Bayat, B.C. Johnson, J.C. McCallum, S. Bose, M.Y.S. Simmons, S. Rogge

9. Simulation of strain effects in MOS quantum dot devices          

C. C. Escott, E. Vahapoglu, A. Saraiva, W. H. Lim, W. Huang, C. H. Yang, J. Yoneda, T. Tanttu, R. C. C. Leon, F. E. Hudson, A. Laucht, A. S. Dzurak

10. High-resolution cryogenic capacitance measurements of FD-SOI structures using a capacitance bridge         

C. Rohrbacher, S. Rochette, R. H. Foote, A. Bédard-Vallée, P. Galy, F. Arnaud, T. Bedecarrats, D. Drouin, M. Pioro-Ladrière

11. Superconducting Resonators for Frequency-multiplexed Gate-based Readout 

D. J. Ibberson, L. A. Ibberson, J. A. Haigh, C.-M. Lee, I. Ahmed, J. A. W. Robinson, M. F. Gonzalez-Zalba

12. Investigation of yield limiting steps for fabrication of overlapping aluminum gate quantum dot devices in Si/SiGe    

J.P. Dodson, Brandur Thorgrimsson, Nathan Holman, Samuel F. Neyens, E. R. MacQuarrie, Thomas McJunkin, Ryan H. Foote, L. F. Edge, S. N. Coppersmith, M. A. Eriksson

13. High visibility single-shot readout of singlet-triplet qubit at large magnetic field gradients     

W. Jang, J. Kim, M. Cho,  H. Chung, V. Umansky, Y. Chung, and D. Kim

14. Low-frequency charge noise in Si/SiGe quantum dots    

E. Connors, J. Nelson, H. Qiao, L. Edge, J. Nichol

15. The road ahead for germanium quantum electronics     

F. van Riggelen, N.W. Hendrickx, W.I.L. Lawrie, A. Tosato, M. Lodari, A. Sammak , G. Scappucci and M. Veldhorst

16. Efficient electrical detection of single erbium ions in silicon       

G.G. de Boo, G. Hu, C. Yin, M. Sellars, B. Johnson, J.C. McCallum, S. Rogge

17. Revising the point-charge model for dopants in Si: essential new corrections   

Keyi Liu, Michal Zielinski, Garnett W. Bryant

18. Correlated spectra of two semiconductor charge qubits strongly coupled with a SQUID array resonator        

Bao-Chuan Wang, Ting Lin, Ming-Bo Chen, Si-Si Gu, Gang Cao and Guo-Ping Guo

19. Circuit quantum electrodynamics with Si spin qubits      

Gonzalo Troncoso, Cécile Yu, Simon Zihlmann, Alessandro Crippa, Rami Ezzouch, Agostino Aprà, Xavier Jehl, Benoit Bertrand, Louis Hutin, Maud Vinet, Benjamin Venitucci, Yann-Michel Niquet, Matias Urdampilleta, Tristan Meunier, Marc Sanquer, Franck Balestro, Nicolas Roch, Silvano De Franceschi and Romain Maurand

20. Fabrication and operation of silicon quantum dot qubits

H. G. J. Eenink, W. I. L. Lawrie, L. Petit, J. S. Clarke, L. M. K. Vandersypen and M. Veldhorst

21. Electric-Dipole Spin Resonance in a Tunable Ge Hut Wire Hole Double Quantum dot

Hai-Ou Li, Gang Xu, Ke Wang,  Jian-Jun Zhang, Guo-Ping Guo

22. Strong electric control of a single hole g-factor  

I. K. Jin, S. D. Liles, F. Martins, D. S. Miserev, I. D. Thorvaldson, M. Rendell, F. E. Hudson, M. Veldhorst, O. P. Sushkov, A. S. Dzurak, A. R. Hamilton

23. 28nm UTBB FD-SOI technology for Silicon-based quantum dots and Cryo-CMOS electronics   

I. Kriekouki, S. Rochette , C. Rohrbacher, J. Camirand Lemyre, M. Pioro-Ladrière, D. Drouin, M. Barragan, S. Mir & P. Galy

24. Gate based sensing of a 2 × 2 quantum dot array in a silicon nanowire

Jingyu Duan, Michael Fogarty, Louis Hutin, Benoit Bertrand, M. Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba, Maud Vinet and John J. L. Morton

25. Cryo-CMOS voltage references for cryogenic electronic interfacing of quantum devices

J. van Staveren, C. García Almudever, G. Scappucci, M. Veldhorst, M. Babaie, E. Charbon and F. Sebastiano

26. Impact of phonons on the spin relaxation rate in silicon spin qubits      

Jing Li, Yann-Michel Niquet

27. Circuit QED for long-range spin-photon coupling using Ge-Si nanowires

Joost Ridderbos, Jann H. Ungerer, Roy Haller, Floris Braakman, Florian Froning, Christian Schönenberger, Floris A. Zwanenburg, Ang Li, Erik P. A. M. Bakkers

28. Using non-homogeneous point process statistics to find multi-species event clusters in an implanted semiconductor

K. Stockbridge, S. Chick, E. Crane, A. Fisher, B. N. Murdin

29. Theory of coherent spin transfer between two Silicon quantum dots    

Jan Krzywda, Piotr Szańkowski, Łukasz Cywiński

30. Tuneable Coupling and Isolation of Single-Electron Spin Qubits in Silicon          

L. Petit, H. G. J. Eenink, W. I. L. Lawrie, J. S. Clarke, L. M. K. Vandersypen and M. Veldhorst

31. Towards scalable hole spin qubits in Ge hut wires          

M. Janík, J. Kukučka,  M. Soče, L. Vukušić, H. Watzinger, F. Gao, J. H. Wang,  T. Wang, J. J. Zhang, G. Katsaros

32. Anisotropic Pauli spin blockade in Ge/Si nanowire double quantum dots          

L. C. Camenzind, F. N. M. Froning, M. Rancic, C. Kloeffel, J. Ridderbos, M. Brauns, F. A. Zwanenburg, A. Li, E. P. A. M. Bakkers, D. Loss, D. M. Zumbühl, and F. R Braakman

33. Understanding Nano-metre Scale Tunnel Junctions        

M.B. Donnelly, R. Rhaman, J.G. Keizer, M.Y. Simmons

34. Correcting distortion of base-band exchange pulses in quantum dot qubits.

A.J. Weinstein, A.M. Jones. 

Tuesday, October 15th.

1. Single-shot electron spin readout with a dispersively probed single-lead quantum dot charge sensor 

M.R. Hogg, M.G. House, A.V. Timofeev, S.K. Gorman, P. Pakkiam, M.Y. Simmons

2. Light effective hole mass in undoped Ge/SiGe quantum wells   

M.Lodari, A.Tosato, D.Sabbagh, A.Sammak, M.Veldhorst, G.Scappucci

3. Correlated Driving of Two Charge Qubits in a Si/SiGe Quantum Dot Device      

E. R. MacQuarrie, S. F. Neyens, J. P. Dodson, J. Corrigan, Brandur Thorgrimsson, Nathan Holman, M. Palma, L. F. Edge, Mark Friesen, S. N. Coppersmith, M. A. Eriksson

4. Microwave resonators for circuit QED with spin qubits  

M. Brauns, H. Watzinger, and G. Katsaros

5. Ge-Si Core-Shell Nanowire Devices Optimized for Hole-Spin Qubits       

M. J. Carballido, F. N. M. Froning, F. Müller, F. A. Zwanenburg, A. Li, E. P. A. M. Bakkers, D. M. Zumbühl, F. R. Braakman

6. Measurements of capacitive coupling within a quadruple quantum dot array

Samuel F. Neyens, E. R. MacQuarrie, J. P. Dodson, J. Corrigan, Nathan Holman, Brandur Thorgrimsson, M. Palma, Thomas McJunkin, L. F. Edge, Mark Friesen, S. N. Coppersmith, M. A. Eriksson

7. Microwave Engineering and Materials Characterization for Si/SiGe Quantum Dots in a cQED Architecture    

Nathan Holman, J. P. Dodson, M. Palma, Samuel F. Neyens, E. R. MacQuarrie, L.F. Edge, Mark Friesen, S.N. Coppersmith, R.F. McDermott, M.A. Eriksson

8. Analysing quantum signals with neural networks          

N. J. Lambert, A. E. Esmail, M. Edwards, A. J. Ferguson, H. G. L. Schwefel9

9. Characterization and modeling of cryo-CMOS mismatch for quantum-computing electronic interfaces          

P.A. ‘t Hart, J.P.G. van Dijk, M. Babae, E. Charbon, A. Vladimirescu and F. Sebastiano

10. Coupling semiconductor spin qubits via a superconducting quantum bus         

P. Harvey-Collard, G. Zheng, N. Samkharadze, J. Dijkema, D. Brousse, F. Carrasco, A. Sammak, G. Scappucci, and L. M. K. Vandersypen

11. Cryo-multiplexed measurements of silicon quantum dots and a crossbar architecture for their high-volume, statistical characterization     

P. L. Bavdaz, B. Paquelet Wuetz, C. G. Almudever, F. Sebastiano, J.S. Clarke, M. Veldhorst, G. Scappucci

12. High kinetic inductance superconducting cavity for strong coupling of Si/SiGe quantum dots  

Mario Palma, N. Holman, Samuel F. Neyens, E. R. MacQuarrie, Mark Friesen, S.N. Coppersmith, R.F. McDermott, M.A. Eriksson

13. Light-hole confinement in highly tensile strained Ge QW grown on Si   

Patrick Del Vecchio, Anis Attiaoui , Simone Assali, Oussama Moutanabbir

14. Coherent spin control of s-, p-, d- and f-electrons in a silicon quantum dot       

R. C. C. Leon, C. H. Yang, J. C. C. Hwang, J. Camirand Lemyre, T. Tanttu, W. Huang, K. W. Chan, K. Y. Tan, F. E. Hudson, K. M. Itoh, A. Morello, A. Laucht, M. Pioro-Ladriere, A. Saraiva, A. S. Dzurak

15. Quantum transport and band structure simulations of STM patterned dopant devices

Rajib Rahman, Matthew Donnelly, Joris Keizer, Michelle Y. Simmons

16. RF-readout in Silicon        

S.G.J. Philips, C. Volk, N. Samkharadze, T. McJunkin, E. Macquarrie, M. A. Eriksson, L.M.K. Vandersypen

 17. CMOS hole spin qubit readout by gate reflectometry     

Simon Zihlmann, Alessandro Crippa, Rami Ezzouch, Agostino Aprà, Heorhii Bohuslavskyi,  Anthony Amisse, Xavier Jehl, Benoit Bertrand, Louis Hutin, Sylvain Barraud, Maud Vinet, Benjamin Venitucci, Yann-Michel Niquet, Matias Urdampilleta, Christopher Bauerle, Tristan Meunier, Marc Sanquer, Silvano De Franceschi, and Romain Maurand

18. RF sensing of quantum dots fabricated in a 300 mm MOS facility         

S. Patomäki, M. A. Fogarty, S. Schaal, S. Kubicek, N. Dumoulin-Stuyck, R. Li, F.A. Mohiyaddin, G. Simion, B. Govoreanu, I.P. Radu, J. J. L. Morton

19. Implementation of advanced semiconductor process technology to accelerate Si spin qubit development      

S. Bojarski, J. Roberts, T.F. Watson, L. Lampert, R. Pillarisetty, N. Thomas, H.C. George, O. Zietz, R. Caudillo, D. Michalak, F. Luthi, E. Henry, J.S. Clarke, W. Lawrie, G. Eenink, S. Amitonov, G. Scappucci, M. Veldhorst, L. Vandersypen

20. Vacancy enhanced diffusion of ion implanted bismuth donor states in silicon  

T. Peach, K. Stockbridge, S. Chick,  B.N. Murdin, S.K.Clowes

21. Coherent single-spin control with high-fidelity singlet-triplet readout in silicon

R. Zhao, T. Tanttu, K. Y. Tan, B. Hensen, K. W. Chan, J. C. C. Hwang, R. C. C. Leon, C. H. Yang, W. Gilbert, F. E. Hudson, K. M. Itoh, A. Kiselev, T. D. Ladd, A. Morello, A. Laucht, and A. S. Dzurak

22.Deterministic initialization of a Si/SiGe spin qubit          

T. Kobayashi , J. Yoneda, K. Takeda, A. Noiri , T. Nakajima, S. Tarucha

23. STM manipulations on Si(100)-2x1-Cl for precise incorporation of impurities into silicon

T.V. Pavlova, V.M. Shevlyuga, B.V. Andryushechkin, G.M. Zhidomirov, K.N. Eltsov

24. Density and Mobility of 2-dimensional hole gases in a Si/SiO2/Al2O3 heterostructure

Timothy N. Camenzind, Alejandro Márquez Seco, Antonio J. Sousa De Almeida, Floris A. Zwanenburg and Dominik M. Zumbühl

25. Characterization and valley splitting measurements of a novel Si/SiGe heterostructure for quantum dot qubits        

Thomas McJunkin, E. R. MacQuarrie, S. F. Neyens, Brandur Thorgrimsson , J. Corrigan, J. P. Dodson, Leah Tom, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, Robert Joynt, Mark Friesen, S. N. Coppersmith, M. A. Eriksson

26. Frequency multiplexing and Pauli spin blockade in CMOS-based quadruple quantum dot

T.-Y. Yang , J. Michniewicz, L. Hutin, M. Vinet, and M. F. Gonzalez-Zalba

27. A reset-if-leaked procedure for encoded spin-qubits      

V. Langrock, D. P. DiVincenzo

28. Progress in Linear Alternatives to Bias-Tees for Pulse+DC Bias Combination for Qubit Control 

W. Gilbert

29. Pulsed Exchange Operation of Two-Qubit Gate in Silicon MOS Quantum Dots  

T. Tanttu, W. H. Lim, C. H. Yang, F. E. Hudson, W. Gilbert, R. C. C. Leon, W. Huang, A. Saraiva, C. C. Escott, K. M. Itoh, A. Laucht, and A. S. Dzurak

30. Coupling a Flip-Flop Qubit to a Microwave Photon         

W. Vine, V. Schmitt, V. Mourik, S. Tenberg, G. Tosi, A. Morello

31. Repetitive Quantum Nondemolition Measurements of a Silicon Spin Qubit      

X. Xue, B. D'Anjou, T. F. Watson, D. R. Ward, D. E. Savage, M. G. Lagally, M. Friesen, S. N. Coppersmith, M. A. Eriksson, W. A. Coish, and L. M. K. Vandersypen

32. How Interface Steps Affect Valley-Orbit coupling in a Si Quantum Dot  

Bilal Tariq and Xuedong Hu

33. Characterization of Al2O3/TiO2-based Memristors at Cryogenic Temperature (1.5 K) for Co-integration With Silicon-based Quantum Systems           

Yann Beilliard, François Paquette, Frédéric Brousseau, Serge Ecoffey, Fabien Alibart, Dominique Drouin

34. Induced quantum dot probe for material characterization        

Yun-Pil Shim, Rusko Ruskov, Hilary M. Hurst, Charles Tahan

35. Simulation of Frequency Effect In GaAs-MESFET Device submicron (L=0.3um)

M. Djouder, A.Benfdila, A.Lakhlef, M.Kessi, L.Belhimer

36. Effect of doping Gd and Mn of ZnS on electronic, optic and magnetic properties by DFT studies          

HEDJAR Hakima, BOUKORTT Abdelkader

37. Charges Distribution Analysis in the Body Cylindrical Gate-All-Around Nanowire Transistor.

M. Kessi, A. Benfedila, A. Lakhelef, L. Belhimer and M. Djouder